What is bipolar ionization?
In natural habitats, solar and terrestrial thermal energies create positive and negative oxygen ions that clean and renew the outside air by removing harmful pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, generating clean air. Our technology generates these same positive and negative ions, just like those found in nature, which purify and refresh the indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants mentioned above, causing the air inside the rooms to reach high levels. purification.
Why is it important to release both positive and negative ions?
There are unfortunately many products on the market that release only negative ions, which generates a dangerous amount of static electricity. Negative ions alone will bounce on walls and furniture, which in fact creates more airborne pollution and can leave air as or more contaminated. The Sterionizer generates both positive and negative ions together, causing a chemical reaction which truly renders airborne particles harmless and makes your indoor environment free of harmful substances.
How long does it take to purify the air?
The Sterionizer™ starts cleansing the air from the moment you turn it on, and takes only a few hours to fully purify the air. It is perfectly safe to be in the room while the device works quickly and quietly to clean the air you’re breathing.
Do I need to replace the filter?
Unlike other air purification devices available, the Sterionizer™ does not require you to change the filter — the advanced BiPolar Ionization technology will continue working to cleanse the air of airborne pollutants.
There has been a lot of talk lately about airborne virus transmission: does the Sterionizer protect against such transmission?
Our technology has more than 15 international certifications from universities and microbiology and epidemiology laboratories that guarantee the neutralization of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold found in closed spaces.
For what size space is the Sterionizer™ effective?
While the Sterionizer™ will work to clean the surrounding air in any size room, it is designed to be most effective in a standard size room in your home — around 20m².
Does breathing ionized air have any side effects or downsides?
No, our technology is based on a safe, natural and ecological process. Bipolar Sterionizer ionization technology produces no harmful residues and uses no chemicals.
Is the device relevant for an office or practice space with a large number of people?
Of course! If you also want to protect your office and keep your employees, clients or patients healthy, you should also put a Sterionizer™ in your workspace. Giving your employees or business patrons the peace of mind that they are breathing clean, safe air lets everyone be more concentrated and productive.
What are the benefits of the device besides virus protection?
The use of a Sterionizer has many benefits: on the one hand, it neutralizes radon particles, which is an imperceptible gas that according to the WHO is the second responsible for deaths from lung cancer. We inhale radon through many particles found in the air in our homes, but we can avoid the dangerous gas using these devices to improve air quality. For asthma sufferers, the advanced device allows neutralization of harmful agents in the air, significantly reducing episodes of shortness of breath. It also cleans our closed spaces avoiding eye diseases, headaches, respiratory problems and broncho-respiratory diseases, allergies, flu, colds and other types of contagion. Finally, studies show that our advanced technology increases work performance and quality of work, reducing absenteeism because it significantly reduces the spread of diseases, which produces a cost difference for the company. It creates a very comfortable environment where people feel calm, pleasant and an improvement in their mood can be seen.
The design of the device seems simple, why is that?
When it comes to your health and that of your family, efficiency is more important than aesthetics. Our product is designed to optimize dispersion of ions in the space where it is located, while taking up as little space and making the least noise possible. We can find hundreds of more designed, aesthetic devices on the market, but their efficiency and effectiveness are almost imperceptible for the simple reason that they invested in design and not technology! With the Steironizer™, you’ll notice the difference – not the device.