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The Sterionizer™ is a compact but efficient device that releases both positively and negatively charged ions into the air to protect you from breathing in harmful airborne substances including bacteria, viruses, fungus, and molds.

  • What does it do?

    - Purifies the area surrounding the device
    - Reduces the amount of bacterias and viruses
    - Decomposes harmful particles
    - Prevents growth of mold
    - Inactivates and removes odors

  • Who's it for?

    - Anyone who wants to protect themselves from harmful airborne viruses
    - People with problems in the respiratory system
    - People who suffer from a weak immune system
    - Homes and offices infected with mold
    - Spaces with high levels of pollution spaces within industrial areas

"I feel my house is safer"

“After trying 2 designed devices that did nothing I ordered the sterionizer and immediately we felt the change! My little girl has Asthma and watching her getting her attacks was tearing my heart, now with the sterionizer she is no longer having attacks at home! There is nothing like helping your kid to feel better! Thank you for this amazing product”


29,   Brazil
“I have the sterionizer for 2 years and i feel its like the guardian angle of the house! Especially now - i know our house and kids are safe, I bought one also for my parents and i’m waiting for it to arrive. We must take care of our old relatives!”


40,   Argentina
“I love that the Sterionizer is proven by laboratory tests because when you buy a product like this, the quality is the most important thing - it’s the health of our family!!


42,   Spain
“My wife bought the sterionizer for our home and i must say that i didn't believe that a small product can make this big change.the house is always with clean and fresh air, no virus, no dust, no dangers!! And the funny thing is that the kids are much relaxed and happy… so i asked her to buy me one for my office”


35,   Spain
“Every mom must buy the sterionizer if she wants her house to be with safe air! Its so small and you don't need to replace the filter so its so simple to use, just buy it, plug it in and let him do his job!!”


35,   Columbia

The results speak for themselves.

After the shocking discovery that there is a "real risk" of airborne transmission of Covid-19, especially in indoor, you must make sure that the air in your home is clean & safe. There are different products of air purification, so when you choose a product of this type, don't choose by the design or beauty, there is one important thing that you need to check - the quality of the air that will be in your home thanks to the purifier.

The STERIONIZER™ is proven by well-known labs all over the world, so when you buy our product you can be sure the air at your home will be clean, safe with no harmful particles. and the best part - you do not need to replace any filter!

The results speak for themselves.

Industrial Protection

The technology in the Sterionizer™ can be adapted for use in an any air ventilation system and is currently in use in hospitals, offices, and government offices all over the world. To order an industrial grade system for your use case, please contact us.

BionLive - Our story

Today, more than ever, dangerous threats are in the air.

We all want the best for our family, especially when it comes to health, and  healthy life begins with the air you breathe. So simple, so important.
In today's world, there are so many threats in the air - dangerous viruses, pollution, bacteria, fungus, mold, spores, dust. The risks are bad: flu, infection, allergies, fever, Asthma and other sickness from poor IAQ (indoor air quality).
When Michael, David's son, got asthma and began to suffer from severe shortness of breath attacks, the doctor recommended taking him as much as possible to open spaces with clean & pure air - at the sea, in nature, in non-urban places.
But the problem is that we spend 90% of our day indoor – at home, school, at work, in shopping malls, at our friends.
Knowing it’s not a genetic illness, David decided to do everything to bring nature's fresh and healthy air – inside his home.

David is one of the owners of LSP International - a successful global project company, and he devoted his time to create the perfect solution for his son.
He founded BIONLIVE - the health brand by LSP International, and with the technology of the leading company in air quality management. Specializing in the development and manufacturing of advanced air treatment solutions, we present you the STERIONIZER™- Small and efficient device that improves air quality indoor. The air purification device based on a patented bipolar ionization technology, specifically developed to bring the health and quality of nature’s air to indoor environments.

The STERIONIZER™ generates these same positive and negative ions – just like those found in nature – that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating the harmful pollutants your house has when you are not using STERIONIZER™.

The change in Michael's life was immediately – he stopped suffering from Shortness of breath, his immune system has improved, and the truth is he cannot remembers when was the last used his inhaler. The STERIONIZER™ needs only few hours to make indoor air healthy and this home solution has the highest efficiency, the most advanced technology, comes in a small size, with NO need of filter replacement. The STERIONIZER™ might look simple, but actually is designed with the most correct way to disperse the ions in the room space.